Success as a humane phenomenon:
Approximately 140 employees conduct research, production and sales for bela-pharm in the following divisions:

  • Science/Certification/Quality Control/Quality Assurance
  • Production
  • Sales/Administration

Training with a future:
Every company is only as good as the qualification of its employees. Therefore, bela-pharm invests in the stable promotion of young employees.

• Certificate IHK 2013 (PDF)
• Certificate IHK 2010 (PDF)
• Certificate IHK 2006 (PDF)
• Certificate IHK 2005 (PDF)
• Certificate IHK 2002 (PDF)
• Certificate IHK 2001 (PDF)

As a recognised training organisation, we, together with various partners, provide a multitude of commercial and industrial vocations:

  • Chemical laboratory assistant
  • Pharmaceuticals technician
  • Industrial clerk
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
  • Specialist for warehouse logistics

Training and further training: 
Quality and know-how demands require the consistent qualification and further development of our employees. In company training courses, employees are continuously trained in the complex requirements for the production of veterinary medicines. Employees also take part in alternative further training measures in the form of distance learning and/or attendance seminars, in order to deepen their basic vocational qualifications. In this way the following vocational qualifications are possible in addition to the classic training vocations:

  • Technician
  • Master
  • Business Administration graduate